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Contrary to what you have read behind the previous Vacuum lifters button, you could also select one designated machine for your vacuum activities.


If vacuum technology is a regular part of your daily activities, then you could consider the option to incorporate the vacuum system in one or several machines.


Built in vacuum technique Hamevac VVO-series

With this option, you are not independent of your machine anymore, but this is less important, taking your activities into consideration. On the other hand, the added vacuum system has a number of important advantages:

  • You  just have to operate one machine using fuel.
  • The unit is especially incorporated into your machine and therefore always more compact and space-saving in comparison with a standard unit. As a result, the visibility on your work might be better.
  • As you do not work with an additional internal combustion engine, but powers the unit with your own machine, the entire machine is less noisy.
  • You do not have to maintain the external combustion engine.


HAMEVAC has years of experience of incorporating vacuum units on different types of machines and can offer you the best service with a suitable solution for the working activities you have to execute.


Built in vacuum technique on wheelloader Hamevac VVO-seriesBuilt in vacuum technique Hamevac VVO-series instruments

Irrespective of which solution is selected, the definitive answer is always the result of consultation between the customer, the supplier of the machine in question and HAMEVAC.

You don’t want to use our Built in option: Check our VHU-SeriesTile lifting with the usage of vacuum: Check our VTH-Series

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