Physical friendly and productive relocate (concrete) elements!

We are not the only one, but we are the first!

Our founder, Hans van Nifterik, was present at the start of all developments in the field of vacuum technology regarding lifting up and repositioning concrete elements. We are proud to state that Hans van Nifterik is the inventor of the first paver laying machine with vacuum technology. Nowadays Hamevac has a large variety vacuum lifters for all kinds of applications. It can concern smaller vacuum lifters with a save working load of 150Kg, bigger units which can lift to 10000Kg, or our famous 870 Blower paver laying machine.

Our team

Michiel van Nifterik

Owner Hamevac BV

Arjan van Oirschot

Sales & Marketing

Nico van Leeuwen

Research & Development

Ralph Sluiter

Head Accounting

Wendy van Nifterik


Fred van Woensel


Hamevac vacuum lifters

Usage with hand and machine. Choice between battery or 230V


Usage with machine. Choice of propulsion, petrol, diesel or hydraulic


Mechanical paving per square meter with Hamevac Blower vacuum

Paver Laying Machines