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VHU-1000-B | Vacuum lifter petrol engine

“we are not the only one, but we are the first”

You own several machines for different applications and you would like to keep it this way. In that case, our VHU vacuum units are a perfect solution. Our VHU vacuum units are self-supporting, i.e. independent of machines.


On the contrary towards the other members of the VHU-series, the VHU-1000-B is only available in 1 variation. The VHU-1000-B with its robust frame, vacuum storage tank (CE-conform), lifting eye, and 2 different possibilities to mount the various suction pads, makes sure you can lift and reposition all (concrete) elements until 1000kg.

Vacuum lifter Hamevac VHU-1000-B

Usage in combination with lighter machines such as mini excavators and mini loaders has been an important feature at the development. With a weight of only 85kg, the usage in combination with before mentioned machines works excellent. The used frame is also vacuum storage tank, which ensures safety. Despite his low weight the VHU-1000-B has a high save working load. The available capacity of 1000kg makes him qualified for a lot of repositioning jobs, for example side stones, tiles, concrete elements, etc., etc.


We’ve designed the VHU-1000-B in such a way, that it’s possible to mount the unit in front, or at the rear of smaller excavators, or mini loaders. With his lifting eye he can very easily be attached to the front, and be flexible for several applications. The low weight makes it possible for the smaller machines to work in this way. Would you prefer to mount him at the rear, for instance between the Roll-over bar, no problem. A very small adjustment will make it possible.

Vacuum lifter Hamevac VHU-1000-B s.w.l. 1000Kg


The VHU-1000-B is constructed in such a way, that it is possible to use several suction pads from the VTH-series, as well as the suction pads from the VHU-series. Important condition: The s.w.l. of the suction pad is never allowed to be higher than the s.w.l. of the unit we are working with.

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