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VTH-250-A/VTH-500-A | Vacuum lifter battery

“we are not the only one, but we are the first”

Our VTH units are the smallest in our program.

Although we are talking about a unit which is small in size and on a diet where weight is concerned, it has the same quality features as the rest of the Hamevac family. The VTH is equipped with a vacuum storage tank, a good visible vacuum control indicator, and an acoustic signal to be sure the lifting will take place safely.


The solid frame is able to lift 250 Kg were the VTH 250 is concerned. Underneath the frame there is an easy to use “lock-pin” to exchange different suction pads. Also the air hoses are equipped with “quick couplings” which makes the exchange easy.
Vacuum lifter battery VTH-250-A

A filter is mounted in the air hose which secures trouble free working hours.

The VTH 250 can be attached to your machine, or operated by hand with the use of the multifunctional steering handle, or our optional laying dolly.


The VTH 500 is the bigger brother of the VTH 250. With a lifting capacity up to 500 Kg. this unit is no longer operated by hand, but it will always be attached to your machine. The safety features are identical with the features of the VTH 250. Also the exchange of suction pads takes place in the same way as with the VTH 250. With the VTH 500 we still have a compact easy to use unit with a, for this category, high lifting capacity of 500 Kg.
Vacuum lifter battery VTH-500-A at work

The VTH-250 and 500 are best to use with air tight materials.


The VTH-250-A is perfect usable as vacuum tile lifter, he can be used by hand, or by machine. The battery makes sure the vacuum device can work independent. These devices are known as tile lifters. This is a good pronunciation, but the device is capable to lift more than tiles alone. In principle the vacuum device can lift all products until a maximum weight of 250Kg. Only exception are porous materials. The materials need to be air tight. For example varieties of air tight concrete, ceramics, steel, nature stones, etc. Concrete steps for instance is a product which is placed and repositioned more and more using vacuum technique. The VTH-500-A is the bridge towards the bigger vacuum devices. We can still lift tiles with this device, but its own weight is too big to be able to lift it manually. Apart from this most of the large format tiles stay far away from 500Kg weight. The VTH-500-A is more of a compact vacuum device instead of a vacuum tile lifter. He finds his usage a lot within industrial applications.
Vacuum lifter battery VTH-250-A special application

Convince yourself, while working with our easy to use products.

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