Two "World" Premieres and plenty of news!

We are going to participate at BAUMA for the second time and we have something to say to the world!

We will unveil no less than two "World” premieres at BAUMA. Two, for Hamevac, completely new products that will be shown at BAUMA for the first time!

They will stir up dust and one of these premieres will in any case turn the world of mechanical paving upside down!

On this page you will find out what’s going to happen:

Facelift and new options for VHU-1000-B and VHU-3000-B/D

Ease of use and extra safety!

The VHU-1000-B has been thoroughly refurbished, which benefits the ease of use:

  • He has grown slightly. Great wish from the people who provide service. All places important for regular maintenance are easier to reach.
  • Equipped with a folding handlebar. Convenience-enhancing ease of use.
  • Extra load hooks for extra securing of the load when working above 1.5 meters.
  • Interchangeable lifting eye. Lifting eye can now be exchanged for rotor bush so that a rotator can also be used.

VHU-3000 (all types):

  • Extra load hooks for extra securing of the load when working above 1.5 meters.
  • Buffer tank adapted for optional use with traverse (spreader bar).

Optional Extra Safety (VHU-1000-B/VHU-3000-B/D):

The rental market is an important buyer of our vacuum units. Here people are more often confronted with less experienced users, so there is a need for "double security". Every Hamevac vacuum unit is in any case equipped with a clearly readable vacuum gauge and a large capacity buffer tank. In addition, our radiographic units are also equipped with a light set as standard.

It is now possible to equip our "standard" VHU-1000-B/VHU-3000-B/D with an additional safety package:

  • Light set with built-in battery and volt gauge.
  • Acoustic signalling.


VHU-? 000- ??

A family member is added to the VHU series. In contrast to our motto we are not the first this time, but on time and seriously proud of the result. A premiere on BAUMA would not be a premiere if we already reveal everything. The photo isn’t giving away much, but it shows something. 

Come check it out at our booth: FS 1001/7


Vacuum can NOT compete with a Hydraulic clamp!

What is the cause?

For more than 40 years we have been marketing our 870Blower (nowadays 910Blower). Many of our customers even have multiple machines and swear by our system. It is fair to say that, with a few exceptions, these are mainly main contractors or at least "larger" contractors with larger equipment.

Hydraulic drive

Our system is hydraulically driven by a wheeled excavator and needs (continuously) 44 litres per minute. These litres without making the excavator slower/less workable! This means: A wheeled excavator of at least 6500 kg, but preferably even heavier.

Investment biggest threshold

Rarely or never do we hear someone complain about the vacuum system. This system even has important advantages over a hydraulic clamp. But our system coupled with the required excavator makes the investment such that a large group of potential users cannot or will not make this choice.

Results Survey = confirmation of what we know.

Above a few highlights from our survey we held about the pros and cons of vacuum compared to a hydraulic clamp. Concluding conclusion: Investment is the biggest bottleneck

Advantages of vacuum:

  • Pavers do not "fall" but can really be put down.
  • Every paver has his "own" suction cup, dimensional stability less important.
  • The chance of damaging pavers or tiles is very small.
  • No manual adjustment with different package sizes, each package has its own suction plate.

Disadvantages vacuum:

  1. Purchase price of the vacuum system is considerably higher than the purchase price of the hydraulic clamp (investment)
  2. Cannot be used in combination with smaller machines (own weight 1000 - 2500 kg) (investment)
  3. Suction plates are not adjustable, each package requires its own suction plate (investment)



Starts at 09:30


41 years after our ground-breaking invention, again we will turn the world of mechanical paving upside down!

Purchase price substantially closer to purchase price hydraulic clamp!

Vacuum is more expensive than a clamp, but the gap was very large. We will approach the purchase price of a clamp (a high-quality clamp) very closely!

Also suitable for smaller machines!

This was our biggest obstacle. Since 2015 we have been developing, testing, throwing away and starting over. The persistent wins, it has succeeded, it is now also possible with a smaller machine, probably already in your possession!

Every package has its own suction plate!

This remains and remains a disadvantage. (extra investment) Yet we are removing this threshold! Hamevac ensures enough supply of suction plates. For work where you need another (not common) suction plate, you can rent it at Hamevac or it’s importer/dealer. No extra investment just writes off rent on that specific job!

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