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Everything you need to know about lifting with vacuum

The vacuum specialist for the construction sector

We are not the only one, but we are the first

est. 1978

Record holder Guinness Book of Records

Inventor Paver Laying Machine with vacuum

Vacuum Lifters VTH-Series

Usage with hand and machine. Choice between battery or 230V

Vacuum Lifters VHU-Series

Usage with machine. Choice of propulsion, petrol, diesel or hydraulic

Paver Laying Machines

Mechanical paving per square meter with Hamevac Blower vacuum

Vacuum news, trends, and videos

Hamevac vacuümtechniek BV

Hamevac vacuümtechniek is a specialist, especially when it concerns picking up, and reposition concrete elements. The construction sector is our target market. Whatever (concrete) element you want to pick up, from a small plate until a square meter pavers, we have a vacuum solution for you. We make mechanical paving work.