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The vacuum specialist for the construction sector

We are not the only one, but we are the first


Hans van Nifterik starts his company

Record holder

Guinness Book of Records


Paver laying machine using vacuum

Product groups:


Can be used by hand and on a machine. With battery or on 220V/110V.


To be used with machine. Choose from gasoline, diesel or hydraulic engine.


To be used in combination with a machine. Build-in, driven by machine hydraulics.


Mechanical paving per m2 with our invention: Hamevac Blower vacuum.

Hamevac BV

Hamevac BV is a specialist when it comes to picking up and moving concrete products. The construction sector is our main buyer. Whether it is a pavement tile, or the laying of a square meter pavers, we have a vacuum solution for the mechanical processing of the (concrete) products you use.

What our customers say

The vacuum unit works perfectly! Even tiles 80x80x10cm thick is no problem with this machine.

Ubbo Koenen

Koenen Bestratingen

Very easy and strong machine. Low maintenance and suction plate last a long time. Super machine.

Adriaan van Gelder

van Gelder Hoveniers

We have been working with the VTH-150-BL for a few years now. Thanks to the solid frame, the materials can easily be lifted by two people.

Martien van Dam

Hoveniersbedrijf Martien van Dam

What everybody should know about working with vacuum lifting equipment!

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