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Mechanical paving with our invention!

Hans introduces his invention
910 m3
Capacity UltraBlower
600 m3
Capacity EcoBlower

Not the only one, but the first!

Of course, we are not the only manufacturer that uses vacuum for lifting/relocating (concrete) products. If we specify to mechanical paving per m2 it will be a lot quieter, but in this area, we truly are the first!


Our Godfather Hans van Nifterik founded the first paver laying machine in the late 1970s using vacuum technology. The 36-stone suction plate, designed by Hans van Nifterik, is built on the first mini excavator Dinky Digger, and a paver laying machine was born.

Record holder:

We are proud to announce that Hans van Nifterik has won several innovation prizes with his developments in this field, and that the record, as stated in the Guinness Book of Records, namely 1201 m² of mechanical paving in 8 hours, with a wheeled excavator equipped with HAMEVAC vacuum has not been matched, let alone improved.

Blower vacuum

Obviously, we do not want to exclude high vacuum as we also apply this on our own products, but the point is that practical experience has indicated that people who work with paver laying machines still prefer blower vacuum.

High capacity:

First of all, the blower vacuum has a much larger capacity, 600m³ and 910m³ compared to 360m³ for high vacuum. This higher capacity has two important advantages. First of all, the increased capacity makes it considerably more reliable and in the second place, the concrete products that have to be relocated are porous in most cases and the increased capacity can handle a much higher porosity (leakage) as a result of which the concrete products adhere in a more rapid and better manner.

Low maintenance:

In addition to the higher capacity, the blower vacuum has another advantage, it has low maintenance. Contrary to the high vacuum, there are no slides and lubricant present in the vacuum pump. This condition prevents the use of costly filter cartridges. These pumps are finished with simple dust bags that can be emptied quite easily and have an average life span of 2 years.

If you would like to keep producing without problems, please contact us so that we can make sure you can get to work and keep it going. 

UltraBlower and EcoBlower

Capacity vacuum pump
Type of vacuum
Suction plates

The Original (since 1978)

910 m3
Blower (low vacuum)
All common formats

The New Kid in town (2019)

600 m3
Blower (low vacuum)
All common formats


Since 2019, 41 years after our first invention, Our Blower series has a new family member. Vacuum is an ideal system for mechanical paving, but in all honesty the necessary investment is substantial!

For a long time, no competition for the hydraulic clamp:

The principle of vacuum and its operation is rarely if ever criticized. The corresponding investment means that a large group of potential users will drop out. Our UltraBlower, which has been on the market for 41 years, needs a serious wheeled excavator for the propulsion of the vacuum unit. The investment required for our UltraBlower with a 910m3 vacuum pump is also considerably higher than a hydraulic clamp.

Solution found:

A newly selected propulsion means that the EcoBlower can be used as well as a hydraulic clamp on a smaller (probably already in your possession) machine and does not or hardly deviate from a clamp in terms of investment.

Take advantage of the benefits:

  • A hydraulic clamp (excellent product by the way) has an interest in dimensional stability. This is not a problem with new pavers, but when used, this can cause problems. Vacuum with its own suction plate for every paver has much less trouble with poor dimensional stability.
  • The pavers are really placed on the floor with vacuum and they don't have to "fall" the last bit.
  • Every mechanical format has its own tailor-made suction plate, no problems with adjustment.


  1. How do I get it arranged
  2. Am I working physical labour friendly
  3. Do I reach enough production
  4. Where do I get staff


  • Comfortable solution for mechanical work
  • Health and safety responsible
  • Productivity in order
  • The "Joystick" generation is also convinced

FAQ Blower-series

Can an EcoBlower be used on every machine?

The weight of an EcoBlower + pavers will go towards 550 kg. Any machine that can handle that weight can work with the EcoBlower. Apart from the lifting capacity, hydraulics are needed to operate the side clamps and/or rotator. But this is basically the same as with a hydraulic clamp.

What is the difference between the UltraBlower and the EcoBlower?

Capacity, power and comfort. Compare it with an Audi A8 and a Volkswagen Golf. They are both cars, transport you from A to B, but the journey in the A8 feels a bit different.

Where stands the EcoBlower in relation to a hydraulic clamp?

What did not exist and exists now; working with the benefits of vacuum for a similar investment as for a hydraulic clamp. You can now choose purely for the system that you prefer to work with, the difference in investment no longer must be the measurement.

How much hydraulic capacity does an UltraBlower require?

44 liters per minute, continuously without affecting the other operation of the machine.

How much hydraulic capacity does an EcoBlower require?

The EcoBlower is not powered by hydraulics. Hydraulics is only needed for the side clamps and this is not a problem for most machines.

Hassle-free getting the job done!

It must be a wonderful feeling! Knowing that your mechanical paving can be made comfortable, easy and qualitative. Hassle-free for people and machines. And yes, even in the evenings enough energy for the hobby and family!

Yes, I want such a Blower!

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