The outcome for the new trend heavy porous concrete tiles!

200 m3
2700 Watt
700 kg
Working Load Limit

Trouble-free lifting/relocating up to 700 kg

Lifting/relocating (concrete) products up to 700 kg? With the VHU-700-BL this can be done without any problems. With suction plates ranging between 30kg. and 700 kg. working load limit, there is a suitable suction plate for every product up to 700 kg.

In combination with a machine:

The VHU-700-BL is used in combination with a machine. With the standard lifting eye, it can easily be attached to various machines. This vacuum unit is also equipped with additional fall protection as standard. Two hooks with which the load can be extra secured with the help of a chain or strap when working above 1.5 meters.

Comfort and safety:

A handy control handle with release valve ensures that the product can be positioned and released easily. From the same handlebar grip, there is a direct view of the large vacuum meter so that it is always clear whether it is safe to lift. Finally, the VHU-700-BL is equipped with a quick-change system for the suction plates as standard.

The unit for heavy porous tiles

The VHU-700-BL uses Blower vacuum (Low vacuum). In short, without becoming too technical, this means that a VHU-700-BL achieves a lower percentage of vacuum (-200 mbar / 20%) but has a lot of air displacement (important for porous materials). The unit already indicates green at 20% (safe to lift) and is also able to remove the continuously supplied "leakage air" and thus retain the product.

Low maintenance:

The VHU-700-BL is equipped with an exchangeable gauze directly in front of the pump entrance. This gauze is easy to replace and/or clean by using air (compressor) or by using a small brass ("steel brush").


The wear part of, in principle, all vacuum units is the seal. This is the part that you will replace the most. We do NOT work with flat plates in combination with expensive vulcanized seals. With you (our customer) in mind, we produce suction plates with a profile that allows us to use industrial seals that are cheaper to purchase and easy to replace (also on the construction site).


Of course, a large variety of products up to 700 kg can be lifted/relocated with the VHU-700-BL.

Specific application:

An important cause for the production of the VHU-700-BL is the fact that a number of market leading concrete manufacturers have started making extra heavy but porous concrete tiles. The weight of the tiles can vary between 350 kg and 700 kg. In practice it appears that these tiles are too porous for, for example, the VHU-1000 and the VHU-3000 (both high vacuum)

Optional radiographic remote control:

In this case there is also a VHU-700-BLR where the R indeed stands for Radiographic. When picking up/releasing and/or relocating these types of tiles, (also for the concrete manufacturers themselves) a radiographic remote control is certainly not an unnecessary luxury.

Rotor connection:

Taking the above into account, it is also possible to equip the VHU-700-BL (R) with a rotor connection instead of the standard lifting eye.


  1. How do I get the job done
  2. Too heavy to lift
  3. Pain in my back
  4. In the evening on the couch without any energy left


  • Comfortable solution for heavy lifting jobs
  • Easy lifting andrelocating
  • No problems with my back
  • Also enough energy in the evening


Is a VHU-700-BL only suitable for porous materials?

It is extremely suitable for porous products, but of course other products up to 700 kg can also be lifted/relocated with this vacuum unit.

Are multiple suction plates possible?

A large range of suction plates is available for this vacuum unit. Between 30 kg and 700 kg, there is a suitable suction plate for almost every product to be lifted/relocated.

Is the VHU-700-BL suitable for my application?

This of course depends on what your application is. Feel free to contact one of our dealers, they are happy to provide detailed information and/or a demonstration.

Comes a quick-coupler system for the suction plates as a standard?

Certainly every VHU-700-BL is equipped with a quick-coupler system for the suction plates as standard.

Will the VHU-700-BL be delivered "ready to work"?

Yes, it is delivered complete. This means including a standard lifting eye, the corresponding generator and the handlebar. The only thing that is added is/are the suction plate(s) you choose.

Hassle-free getting the job done!

It must be a wonderful feeling! Knowing that your heavy lifting can be made comfortable, easy and qualitative. Hassle-free for people and machines. And yes, even in the evenings enough energy for the hobby and family!

This is the vacuum unit I want!

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