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Trouble-free lifting/relocating up to 200 kg

Lifting/relocating (concrete) products up to 200 kg? With the VTH-150-BL this can be done without any problems. With suction plates ranging between 30 kg. and 200 kg. working load limit, there is a suitable suction plate for every product up to 200 kg.

Hand and Machine:

Each unit is equipped with adjustable steering handles, a lifting eye and a 10-meter extension cord. The VTH-150-BL can be used by hand, but also very easily on your machine by using the standard lifting eye.

Comfort and safety:

The steering handle is equipped with a manual release valve, so suction and release directly from the steering handle. There are 3 working positions and a transport position. Finally, the unit is equipped with a clearly visible vacuum meter that shows whether it is safe to lift.

The unit for porous tiles

The VTH-150-BL uses Blower vacuum (Low vacuum). In short, without becoming too technical, this means that a VTH-150-BL achieves a lower percentage of vacuum (-200 mbar / 20%) but has a lot of air displacement (important for porous products). The unit already indicates green at 20% (safe to lift) and is also able to remove the continuously supplied "leakage air" and thus retain the product.

Low maintenance:

The VTH-150-BL is equipped with a gauze directly in front of the pump entrance. This gauze is easy to clean by using air (compressor) or by using a small brass ("steel brush").


The wear part of, in principle, all vacuum units is the seal. This is the part that you will replace the most. We do NOT work with flat plates in combination with expensive vulcanized seals. With you (our customer) in mind, we produce suction plates with a profile that allows us to use industrial seals that are cheaper to purchase and easy to replace (also on the construction site).


In the standard version, the VTH-150-BL is already great to use by hand or in combination with a machine. The unit comes standard with a 10-meter extension cord, so no worries here either!


A number of unique options make the VTH-150-BL even more versatile.


The VTH-GF is a generator frame specifically tailored for the VTH-150-BL. There is room for a powerful generator and this combination makes extension cords unnecessary and working in combination with a machine easy and comfortable.

VTH Laying Dolly/Tile Master:

With the help of this laying dolly (concrete) products up to 180 kg can be handled by one person. Also here, there is space for a generator, making extension cords unnecessary.

The Tile Masteris a special version for lifting/relocating 4 pavement tiles at the same time.


  1. How do I get the job done
  2. Too heavy to lift
  3. Pain in my back
  4. In the evening on the couch without any energy left


  • Comfortable solution for heavy lifting jobs
  • Easy lifting andrelocating
  • No problems with my back
  • Also enough energy in the evening


How do I know if a VTH-150-BL works for me?

You have seen a number of reviews, more than 6000 have been sold and large organizations such as Boels Rental have these units in their program. Still having doubts? Contact one of our dealers for a demonstration.

Is a VTH-150-BL suitable for porous tiles?

This is the strong point of the VTH-150-BL! This vacuum unit is specifically suitable for porous (concrete) products

Can a VTH-150-BL also be equipped with a battery?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The powerful vacuum pump requires too much power for a battery. The battery would be empty within fifteen minutes.

Are multiple suction plates possible?

Yes, there is an extensive range of suction plates: 30 kg, 50 kg, 95 kg, 150 kg, 200 kg, a suction plate for kerb stones and a 4-tile suction plate for pavement tiles. Can't find your suction plate? We are able to produce customized suction plates!

Will the VTH-150-BL be delivered "ready to work"

The VTH-150-BL comes standard with a lifting eye, adjustable steering handles and 10-meter extension cord. You have to indicate yourself which suction plate(s) you want with it. The unit including accessories is a price and the suction plate(s) is/are a separate price.

Hassle-free getting the job done!

It must be a wonderful feeling! Knowing that your heavy lifting can be made comfortable, easy and qualitative. Hassle-free for people and machines. And yes, even in the evenings enough energy for the hobby and family!

This is the vacuum unit I want!

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