Since 2009

Available on the market

8 hours

Without charging

Trouble-free lifting/relocating up to 500 kg

Lifting/relocating (concrete) products up to 500 kg? With the VTH-500-A this can be done without any problems. With suction plates ranging between 98 kg. and 500 kg. working load limit, there is a suitable suction plate for every product up to 500 kg.

On a machine or trolley:

Each unit is equipped as standard with a steering grip, a lifting eye and a battery charger. The VTH-500-A can no longer be used by hand, but very easily on your machine or a trolley, using the standard lifting eye.

Comfort and safety:

The manual release valve, on/off switch, voltmeter and vacuum meter are located directly at the operator, easy and comfortable. In addition to the easily readable vacuum meter, there is also an acoustic safety signal. Finally, the VTH-500-A is equipped with a vacuum storage tank. If the vacuum pump stops for whatever reason, the product will stick! Safety guaranteed!

Battery saving 1/2 position:

The on/off switch of the VTH-500-A has 3 positions: OFF - 1 - 1+2

This vacuum unit is equipped with 2 vacuum pumps that can be switched as desired. If the product to relocate is not heavier than 250 kg, you can choose position 1. In position 1, there is less claim to the battery and the suction is still going reasonably fast. If we go above 250 kg, it is wise to use position 1+2. In this position the suction is faster and a little more claim is made to the battery.

The independent vacuum unit

The VTH-500-A is equipped with a battery that can easily last a day under normal use. He controls his propulsion himself and is not dependent on 230V, hydraulics or any other external source. Charge at night, work during the day.

Low maintenance:

The VTH-500-A is equipped with an exchangeable filter element in a transparent housing. Immediately visible if it is dirty and easy to replace.


The wear part of, in principle, all vacuum units is the seal. This is the part that you will replace the most. We do NOT work with flat plates in combination with expensive vulcanized seals. With you (our customer) in mind, we produce suction plates with a profile that allows us to use industrial seals that are cheaper to purchase and easy to replace (also on the construction site).


Practice shows that the VTH-500-A is not only liked to be used in the construction sector, but that industry is also eager to use the convenience of the VTH-500-A. A compact silent battery-powered unit with its own lifting eye is very useful in industrial buildings.

Radiographic remote control:

The VTH-500-A can optionally also be equipped with a radiographic remote control. (VTH-500-AR) In this version the vacuum unit can be operated by 1 person.


  1. How do I get the job done
  2. Too heavy to lift
  3. Pain in my back
  4. In the evening on the couch without any energy left


  • Comfortable solution for heavy lifting jobs
  • Easy lifting andrelocating
  • No problems with my back
  • Also enough energy in the evening


How do I know if a VTH-500-A works for me?

As you have read before, this vacuum unit has been on the market since 2009 and many hundreds have been sold. International operating rental companies also have the VTH-500-A in their program. Still having doubts? Contact one of our dealers for a demonstration.

Is a VTH-500-A suitable for porous (concrete) products?

Unfortunately the VTH-500-A is less suitable for porous (concrete) products. This vacuum unit is in place with closed (non-porous) (concrete) products.

How long can you work with the battery?

This is highly dependent on the intensity, the use of 1 or 2 pumps and the product to be relocated. Overall, you can at least work one day and then recharge during the evening / night.

Are multiple suction plates possible?

Yes, there is an extensive range of suction plates: different plates for kerb stones with a working load limit between 98 kg and 230 kg + a large variety of other plates with a working load limit between 100 kg and 500 kg

Will the VTH-500-A be delivered "ready to work"?

The VTH-500-A comes standard with a lifting eye, steering grip and a battery charger. You have to indicate yourself which suction plate(s) you want with it. The unit including accessories is a price and the suction plate(s) is/are a separate price.

Hassle-free getting the job done!

It must be a wonderful feeling! Knowing that your heavy lifting can be made comfortable, easy and qualitative. Hassle-free for people and machines. And yes, even in the evenings enough energy for the hobby and family!

This is the vacuum unit I want!

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