Hamevac vacuum equipment VVO-series

Build-in; Propulsion via Machine hydraulics!

120 m3
22 liters p/m
Hydraulic oil
20 liters
Vacuum storage tank


A 120 m3 vacuum pump that is permanently installed on your machine. The hydraulics of your machine drive the vacuum unit. Required number of liters (hydraulic) is 22 liters per minute.

What is the priority:

Flexibility is the benchmark here. Do you have multiple machines and do you want to use your vacuum unit with all these machines, a fixed construction is probably not the right way. If you have fewer machines, or machines with a specific application, (in this case lifting/relocating with vacuum), then a fixed construction is certainly a good choice.

A number of important benefits:

  • There is only one fuel consumer.
  • Construction method is focused on your machine, so always more compact and less loss of space than with a machine-independent vacuum unit.
  • Due to the aforementioned construction method, only the suction plate at the front, so a better view on the job.
  • Because there is no additional combustion engine, but the unit is powered by your machine, the whole is quieter.
  • No extra maintenance on the external combustion engine.

Working load limit depending on type of machine

With 120 m3 of vacuum on board you can handle almost anything. Because it is now a Fixed Structure and not a Vacuum Lifting Unit (VHU), there is no fixed description of the working load limit.

Suction plate is normative:

To know what the working load limit is, the suction plate is the norm in the first place. The suction plate has a type plate indicating the working load limit. This may NEVER be exceeded!

Machine determines whether it is possible:

The working load limit is also directly related to the lifting capacity of the machine. In combination with the vacuum unit (suction plate), the lowest working load limit is always decisive.


  1. How do I get the job done
  2. Too heavy to lift
  3. Pain in my back
  4. In the evening on the couch without any energy left


  • Comfortable solution for heavy lifting jobs
  • Easy lifting and relocating
  • No problems with my back
  • Also enough energy in the evening

FAQ VVO-series

How many liters of hydraulic oil do I need for the drive?

22 liters per minute. Continuously without interfering with the other operations of the excavator or wheeled loader.

Can anyone build?

In connection with the CE declaration to be issued by us, construction may only be carried out by Hamevac or companies approved by Hamevac.

Is there a variety in suction plates?

Our complete range of suction plates can be combined with a build-in unit. The only limitation can be the working load limit of the machine in use.

How do I buy a build-in unit?

We have a standard assembly set that includes all the necessary components. The only thing missing are the hydraulic hoses (are measured to size per machine) and the actual assembly by a Hamevac approved company. In principle, an offer is made if it is known what your wishes are and on which machine the assembly will take place.

Being and staying at work without any problems!

It must be a wonderful feeling! Knowing that your heavy lifting can be made comfortable, easy and qualitative. Hassle-free for people and machines. And yes, even in the evenings enough energy for the hobby and family!

This is the vacuum unit I want!

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