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870 Blower May 8 2016 RTL7

We are proud… We’ve learned from our customer De Krom BV that the television show called Ondernemend Nederland will have the construction sector as their main subject.

Customer in the picture

De Krom also proudly told us that their company will be an active part of the program. A major reason for us to watch the show.

870 Blower on Television Ondernemend NederlandConstruction sector (Infrastructural)

Indeed, the main subject is the construction sector, and especially the Infrastructural side of the sector. The Netherlands has a leading roll were this sector is concerned. We see and hear a lot of entrepreneurs from this sector, showing their modern ways of working.

Starring 870 Blower

Our nicest surprise is the fact that our 870 Blower is shown in the program at least 3 times with 3 different entrepreneurs. The following companies (in order of appearance) work with our 870 Blower

  • WBS Infra
  • Timmer Grond-, Weg-, en Waterbouw
  • De Krom BV

We are sorry the program is in Dutch, but luckily YouTube grants the possibility to use translated subtitles (click the settings icon and choose the language of your choice)


We are proud leading companies in this sector use our 870 Blower for their mechanical paving. Thanks WBS infra, Timmer Grond-, Weg-, en Waterbouw, and De Krom BV for the trust in our product


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