The BOSS of Belgium, and eating 'Haring'!

During November 2013 Alle Bouw Machines NV received a muniment for selling 150 pieces of our VTH-Series.  April is just started, the weather turned, and the chance for winter (which hasn’t been there) is over!

With this ‘open’ weather the people get into action, and the stock at our partners needs to be complemented. Alle Bouw Machines NV, will be called ‘The BOSS of Belgium’from now on, as he goes straight towards his next muniment33 vacuum unitsare, and will be delivered during the next couple of days. This doesn’t only goes smoothly. With these kind of orders they expect something extra!

n Belgium they love Haring’. (Herring) The Belgians call them ‘Maatjes’. These ‘Maatjes’ always are a subject of our negotiations. We don’t need to convince ‘The BOSS of Belgium’ about our products, but with these orders we are obliged to eat ‘Haring’!

The BOSS of Belgium, and eating ‘Haring’! | Alle Bouw Machines NV 

2x a VHU-3000-BER1x a VHU-1000-B16x a VTH-250-Aand 14x a VTH-135-BL33 vacuum units in Total.

With these orders we love to do something extra. With pleasure we eat ‘Haring’ together, and without any doubt Alle Bouw Machines NV earns the title ‘BOSS of Belgium’.

Vacuüm Tegeltiller | VTH-135-BL | Levering Alle Bouw Machines NV

ABM is importer for Belgium and Luxemburg, but let’s be honest, ‘BOSS of Belgium’ sounds far better than ‘BOSS of Belgium and Luxemburg’.

Alle Bouw Machines NV, we trust we will eat a lot of ‘Haring’ this year!

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Hamevac B.V. has been a leader in the vacuum lifting unit market since 1978. As the inventor of the first paving machine on vacuum technology, to this day where modern, also zero-emission units are used, we have taken an important position in this market. You can contact us for the most diverse lifting capacities. As standard we have a choice of vacuum lifting units with a safe lifting capacity between 0 and 10,000 kg.
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