We will give you €.250,00..!!

Your picture or video is worth € 250,00

We are urgently searching for videos and pictures from our vacuum lifters at work. In order to succeed we need you. Most wanted: pictures of Hand Held vacuum lifters VTH-series, and vacuum lifters VHU-series.

If you supply us with a usable picture, and/or video, you will receive a credit invoice of € 250,00. It won’t be that often that you can earn € 250,00 that easy, don’t let this chance go by.

Rules of the game:

  • Subject of the video/picture must be a member from the VTH- or VHU-series.
  • It must be usable, if it is we will use it, and let you know.
  • Maximum 1 Credit Invoice per customer.
  • When above mentioned is the case you will receive a credit invoice of € 250,00.
  • You can use this credit invoice when purchasing at Hamevac, and the purchase is at least €.1.000,00.
  • You can’t combine this credit invoice with other actions at Hamevac.
  • It’s no problem when your company name is also on the picture/video. It’s even better. Free publicity for you, and a good reference for us.
  • Deadline for sending your stuff is June 30 2016


Hand Held vacuum lifter VTH-150-BL at work  Pre VTH-150-BL Hand Held vacuum lifter at work  Battery operated vacuum lifter VTH-500-A in action  Vacuum Lifter VHU-3000 in action

If you have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your video/photo is well worth our attention and the credit invoice of € 250,00.

About the author
Hamevac B.V. has been a leader in the vacuum lifting unit market since 1978. As the inventor of the first paving machine on vacuum technology, to this day where modern, also zero-emission units are used, we have taken an important position in this market. You can contact us for the most diverse lifting capacities. As standard we have a choice of vacuum lifting units with a safe lifting capacity between 0 and 10,000 kg.
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