Hand-held vacuum devices. Hamevac and Optimas shake hands

Hand-held vacuum devices. Hamevac and Optimas shake hands

Hand-held vacuum devices Hamevac VTH-series will be adjusted to Optimas SV-series in Germany

What is general in the car manufacturing, is becoming more and more common in the construction machinery sector. Manufacturers are joining hands to optimize the production.

No strangers

Of course Hamevac and Optimas are no strangers for each other. Both of them are in the construction market for many years, and both of them were already founded in 1978. Sure they have met on the marketplace. The successful hand-held vacuum devices from Hamevac, and Hamevac’s wish to penetrate the German market opened the discussion for a cooperation.

Exchanging knowledge

Hand-held vacuum devices Hamevac OptimasWhen 2 manufacturers with a lot of experience join hands, this will benefit the products immediately. Minor changes between Dutch and German customers are implemented wright away, and makes the introduction to the German market much easier.

Hand-held vacuum devices with their own identities 

Hamevac, and Hamevac’s importers/dealers will sell the vacuum units under the Hamevac name as VTH-series with the familiar members: VTH-150-BL, VTH-250-A, and the VTH-500A. Optimas on the other hand will sell the, to Germany adapted, SV-series under the Optimas brand name with the following members: SV200E, SV250A, and SV500A.

Stars and Stripes 

Hand-held vacuum devices Hamevac Optimas SV200E USAThe cooperation already brought a new hand-held vacuum device. Especially for the USA market a 120V version is developed. Optimas American importer already received a few units for testing, and also the users in the United States are very enthusiastic about the product.

Profit for our customers

Of course we are happy with this cooperation, but this also means profit for you…. Our respected customer. This cooperation means that the numbers go up, and the production will grow to be more effective, meaning we can offer quality products for a competitive price, not only today, but also in the future.

Let’s hop over to Germany 

Of course we will have a short peek at Optimas. In their training facility they made a nice video with the SV200E. We’ve borrowed the original video, but put a little Hamevac sauce on top of it.

Not only hand-held vacuum devices 

Hand-held vacuum devices Hamevac Optimas Vakuum-Magnet-3000-HEWhen the hand-held vacuum devices will be a success, the VHU-series (bigger vacuum lifters) will follow shortly.

This was one of our remarks, when we started our partnership. It seems to be true, as we have produced a hydraulically driven vacuum lifter, including a vacuum
spreader bar. (Traverse) Check this partnership, we are convinced more convenient products will follow.

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Hamevac B.V. has been a leader in the vacuum lifting unit market since 1978. As the inventor of the first paving machine on vacuum technology, to this day where modern, also zero-emission units are used, we have taken an important position in this market. You can contact us for the most diverse lifting capacities. As standard we have a choice of vacuum lifting units with a safe lifting capacity between 0 and 10,000 kg.
John Dorazio

John Dorazio

on 03 May 2018

Wow , very impressive i rent it a few times per season and i would be interested in purchasing one but i heard it is quite expensive for a small company like mine. Do you have a used unit which might be affordable for me. Who are the dealers that sell them in my area montreal canada.

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